Own photovoltaic system reliably supplies daily company needs and vehicles with renewable energy

Just in time for the beginning of the hot summer days and many hours of sunshine, we put our company's own photovoltaic system into operation in July 2019. The possibility to generate energy by solar radiation and to feed it into our own power supply was already prepared with the construction of the roofed parking areas at the beginning of the year.

Solar modules integrated into the photovoltaic system, which form the heart of the installation, can generate direct current not only from direct solar radiation, but also from diffuse light, which prevails on cloudy days. Whatever the type of radiation, the built-in semiconductor cells convert any light into a voltage thanks to their simple mode of operation, thereby generating an electric current that is fed into the company's own system and used by various end users. Any excess energy is also fed into the electricity system of the electricity suppliers.

Thanks to the output of up to 380kW pure green electricity per hour, which the system generates exclusively from solar energy, we can make a major contribution to environmental protection and sustainability on the one hand and save energy costs on the other. Another advantage of our photovoltaic carport, in addition to the CO2-neutral electricity generated, is the weather-protected parking of various vehicles. There are also appropriate parking spaces available for electric vehicles, where you can refuel with solar electricity generated by yourself at low cost thanks to the attached charging stations.

These charging columns are used to charge our 100% electrically powered company car, which recently expanded our fleet. In addition to guests and suppliers, our employees also have the opportunity to recharge their e-cars with sustainably produced green electricity.

For us as a modern and progressive company, environmental protection and sustainability are always in the focus of our actions in addition to quality and efficiency. We are proud and happy to be able to pursue and implement these values with the new carport construction and the groundbreaking photovoltaic system as well as the innovative electric vehicle.

August 31st, 2019: All Mogatec employees and their spouses were invited to join the annual Mogatec Summer Party at the Drebach production site. In a relaxed atmosphere we spent enjoyable team moments distant from everyday working routines.

The nicely decorated marquee and outside area enabled an enjoyable get-together between management board, first-time guests and employees. Followed by a buffet organized by our long-time and reliable partner menschen&erleben, which satisfied by fresh dishes, hearty food plates and sweet temptations, we introduced the entertaining evening program.

The Mogatec Summer Party was framed artistically and musically by the children and young people of the ensemble "100 Mozart’s Children" of the Saxon Mozart Company (Sächsische Mozart-Gesellschaft e.V.). The young and talented musicians, who are supported by Mogatec GmbH in a special sponsorship, provided an overwhelming concert with classical Mozart works, film music and legendary rock and pop titles. Until late at night we enjoyed a full dance floor with music by “Events deluxe”.

We are happy about the great participation, as well as the positive feedback and hope that all guests enjoyed nice summer moments together.

Benefizlauf Oberwiesenthal 2019 Our 26 junior and adult Mogatec runners startet in the city of Oberwiesenthal to run up and down the 1.3 km (0.8 miles) long track on the ski slopes of the Fichtelberg mountain. Together, the Mogatec team covered a distance of 274.3 km (168.8 miles) in three hours (a total of 211 laps), thereby contributing their part to the unbelievable total donation amount of 26,000 euros.

The association named "Elternverein krebskranker Kinder e.V." - founded by parents of children with cancer - uses the donations for the medical treatment and special care of seriously ill children and their families and brings back a piece of quality of life and hope for those affected.

Many thanks to all participants who have made a walking, jogging and running contribution to the success of the event!

Again Mogatec supports GetzenRodeo - this time as final run of an international racing series

The "GetzenRodeo" enduro race was first started in 2006 and got his name from a traditional buttermilk recipe from the region of the Ore Mountains. It is prepared from grated raw potatoes and buttermilk. The race obstacles were named after the utensils needed for the traditional preparation of the homemade food: A steep rock cliff and seemingly impassable roots - neither the section at the "potato grater" nor the challenge at the "getzen pan" give the racers the opportunity to take a deep breath.

More than 10.000 fans turned the forest - also called Getzenforest - around Mogatec into one of the biggest extreme enduro events in Germany in 2018. Our company area offered enough space for the paddock with 50 international teams, a retailer mile for the most famous brands of the scene and the party location for the evening event. The GetzenRodeo promoters have compiled the most spectacular scenes of the 7th GetzenRodeo in a DVD, which is now available online at

Between the events of 2018 and the upcoming one in November 2019 the members of GetzenRodeo e.V. have not allowed themselves any breathing space. At the moment they are observing an exciting international WESS racing season, of which the highlight will be the final at the GetzenRodeo in the scenery of the Getzenwald in Grießbach, Germany. The offroad magazine writes: "The long-established hard enduro event is incredibly popular for drivers [...]. The ULTIMATE ENDURO CHAMPION 2019 will be crowned in a spectacular, memorable and suitable way". (Translated from: of December 8th, 2018

For the GetzenRodeo race weekend of November 1st / 2nd, 2019 we will open our company area again for drivers and fans. Among other things we will have a covered paddock, an extended retailer mile and the headquarters for the Red Bull Media TV Team. Both a pre-report "EnduroTalk" on November 1st and the main race on November 2nd will be broadcast live from Grießbach into the world.

We are looking forward to an exciting event and good cooperation with the Getzenrodeo e.V.!

Photo credit: © Tino Bauer Films, 2019, paddock at Mogatec company area

One step that connects: Cut to size – dismantle – strip – connect

New production line enables short reaction time and individual production planning: the first Mogatec-made cables will prospectively be supplied to the assembly lines in Grießbach and installed in gardening equipment.

In our cable manufacturing we use automated wire cutting and stripping machines. In addition to classic cable lengths, we also manufacture specifically according to our customers’ individual wishes and ideas. Mainly stranded wires in the cross-section range of 0.12 to 2.5 mm2 are completed with crimp contacts, such as end sleeves, plug-in sleeves, flat plugs or various cable shoes. Each prefabricated cable has its own individual requirements, depending on the task.

Whether sample series, individual cables or large orders - Each project is realized with the same high-quality standards and perfected workflows. The processing quality is ensured by industry-specific optical tests of the assembled cables and contacts.

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