For the first time we open our doors to the "late shift" on September 21, 2018, even for those who are not working with us on a daily basis. The reason for the event was our participation in the “Chemnitz Days of Industrial Culture”, which this year took also place in the industrial companies of the Ore Mountains region.

At the company site in Drebach we welcomed 120 guests this evening, to whom we presented our production site in one-hour guided tours. From product development to the manufacturing of cutting systems, milled and turned components and equipment assembly, guests were offered an exciting tour. Our CNC-controlled 3D measuring machine was particularly interesting to the visitors, among other things ensuring the high quality of our laser-cut hedge trimmer and grass shear blades. Following the guided tours, we were delighted with the positive response from the guests and the many interesting discussions that arose between the employees, our apprentices and visitors.

An independent kindergarten formed in Grießbach on July 1st, 2018. The association "Getzenknirpse e.V." took over one of the existing branches from the Venusberg kindergarten to provide a childcare for eleven children in town. It offers great charm through a creative garden, the immediate proximity to nature and an individual care concept in close cooperation with the parents. We as a local company are happy to support the facility and the three teachers with craftsmanship, much needed new acquisitions and a multi-year corporate sponsorship. We wish the association, the kindergarten teachers and their kids all the best for their time together and much success in the realization of future projects!

Fußabdruck Mogatec successfully masters the requirements for the ISO 50001 certification

We all leave an ecological footprint. Either in our everyday life or at work – the more we are aware of our energy use, the smaller is this footprint. The responsible use of energy resources not only protects the environment but also reduces costs. ISO 50001 supports organizations in all sectors to use energy more efficiently, through the development of an energy management system.

What changes are planned and by when will they be realized?

The finalization of almost all projects will be achieved until the end of the year 2018. This includes the yet started exchange of all lightning to LED light bulbs, which itself already saves 70 % in energy used for light purposes. If we can leave the lights turned off, it also has a good reason: the sun is shining. We are currently working on the construction of a photovoltaic system. On a sunny day we are able to autonomously provide the energy for our plant. Energy-efficient building renovations regarding windows, doors, ventilation and cooling enable an efficient use of heating energy and avoid draught. The highest energy consumption is to be blamed on the compressor unit that generates compressed air. By the exchange on to new air lines and the unit itself we can guarantee a flexible appliance and improved seal. The goal is to reduce the energy consumption per single product. The key to success are we all: We know the plant and will realize all actions in our everyday business.

It has been the 13th „Corporate challenge run in the Ore Mountains” over a distance of 5 kilo-meters and with a record number of approximately 1.500 runners.

Incentive, ambition and good mood - a healthy foundation for a successful participation of Mogatec in this year’s corporate run. We could benefit from a broad base of ambitious occasional run-ners, experienced athletes and “tough” staff and each of the 20 arrived at destination with plenty of motivation. One is more trained, the other less but everyone was happy about the achieved performance and, then again, our team spirit was accompanied by a particular enthusiasm.

We will be at the starting line again next year and are pleased to note that the run is widely applauded by companies and associations.

Thanks to all participants and for the excellent organization.

It is always great to watch idols when driving fast, to marvel at motorcycles and to absorb the atmosphere during the contest. We are Enduro enthusiasts and for this reason, we support athletes who follow their visions and generate new impulses. Ideas, excitement, performance, teamwork and target orientation are the very essence of sport as well as the corporate culture at MOGATEC. We do appreciate first-class, sportive and fair competitions, emotional events and spectacular scenes in exciting races. We are now looking forward to being part of the family by sponsoring the „GetzenRodeo“, to organize the paddock for the upcoming race at our place on October, 21st, 2018, and can hardly wait for this local highlight in motor sport.

MOGATEC supports and encourages young talents with the aim of enabling them to optimally develop their sporting potential. Florian Görner (in the centre) started riding a pocket bike at the age of 4 ½, he meanwhile achieved the title of master in Saxony seven times, was Central German master once and German master four times. He has been overall winner in the traditional two-hour Enduro Cup race in Thuringia three times. The 18-years old KTM-driver is currently doing his apprenticeship as a metalwork technician at MOGATEC, races Enduro in the Youth Cup class and would like to compete in a few World Cup races within the category ‘Under-20’.

As part of our commitment to supporting sports, the company MOGATEC is delighted to be able to encourage Florian Görner also in 2018. Keep on having fun, good luck and we hope for a perfect start into the new season.

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